Hello Kitty Modular Storage Box (Small)


Organize your living space with this adjustable Hello Kitty modular storage system. With its flexible design it gives you maximum storage where you need it. Assembly required. Original square design can be modified with the purchase of additional connectors.

Material: PP, ABS, Wire frame (cord 4.0mm)

Contents: 16 panels (including 4 Panels With Hello Kitty design; 12 plain panels), Round Shape Connector: 18, L-Shape Connector: 1 pair

Modular size: 30.5cm x 30.5cm

How To Install?

1) Bottom Modular Installation
Insert round shape connector at each corner of the module panel. The module panel must fully insert into the round shape connector crosshead ditch.
2) Side Modular and Back Modular Installation
Insert 3 Module panels into left, right and back side of the bottom panel. Make sure the module panels are inserted into the round shape connectors securely. The back module panel must insert into the connector's round shape ditch.
3) Top Modular Installation
Insert round shape connector into back and side module panel. The back module panel must insert into the connector's round shape ditch and the side module panel is inserted into the crosshead ditch. Insert one module panel vertically into the bottom module panel connector's crosshead ditch.

How to install Door Module Panel
L/R shape connector installation
Insert one pair of L/R shape connectors into one side of round shape connector's round shape ditch and use one module panel for the door. Put the module panel wire frame securely into the L/R connector to finish.


1. Keep away from flame or high temperature area.
2. Please read the installation guide before assembly.
3. Each module unit maximum storage weight: 18-25 Kg. Do not place over weight and fragile items on the storage unit to avoid damage.
4. If necessary, a rubber hammer may be used.
5. If you assemble differently to the original standard shape, purchase of additional connectors may be required.